Microphone Check, 1, 2 or Why you need a sound check

Every show needs a sound check. Whether it is one person reading a poem, or an 18 piece big band, all programs benefit from a sound check.  Yet, in my experience, many bands pass on this opportunity.  This is either from bad planning or willful ignorance.  If you have a chance to sound check, take it! Who benefits from a proper… Read more →

Ya Dig?

  Stanton Moore get an approving glance from Aurora Nealand during a Sunflower Jazz Band gig. Read more →

Joshua Walker and Al Bemiss

Today at the Old US Mint we were treated to a concert featuring Al Bemiss and Joshua Walker. It was a great show that focused on gospel music in New Orleans.  Joshua has one of the most spectacular bass voices I have ever heard.  Al is a great organist who took our new Hammond B-3 for a spin.  I am… Read more →

Seriously. Stop.

I had to get some keys cut at a locksmith in the back of town.  As I was driving there I came upon this pod of stop signs.  I can only think that it is some city workers artwork.  It’s not even on a corner.  No one stopped for them while I was shooting.  Couldn’t see the forest for the… Read more →

Mint Glow

Just a view from where I get to work every day.  Today’s show was Connie Jones Septet.  No processing to this image, just the facts. Read more →