Joshua Walker and Al Bemiss

Today at the Old US Mint we were treated to a concert featuring Al Bemiss and Joshua Walker. It was a great show that focused on gospel music in New Orleans.  Joshua has one of the most spectacular bass voices I have ever heard.  Al is a great organist who took our new Hammond B-3 for a spin.  I am posting a version of “go down Moses” from today’s show that was an emotional highlight.  Mr. Bemiss is on the piano for this one as Mr. Walker draws from the hymnal.

Seriously. Stop.

I had to get some keys cut at a locksmith in the back of town.  As I was driving there I came upon this pod of stop signs.  I can only think that it is some city workers artwork.  It’s not even on a corner.  No one stopped for them while I was shooting.  Couldn’t see the forest for the trees I guess.

The Couple in the Square

I was brought up to the cupola of the Cabildo by a colleague last week.  One of the awesome perks of working for the State Museum is access to the rarely trod parts of the properties.  There is quite a vantage point for much of the Vieux Carrè from up there.  It’s clear that Jackson Square is defined by a circle inside the gates.  I love the long shadow of the couple entering the park from the north (near) gate.  Another beautiful day in New Orleans!

The Levee Band

I took a streetcar for the first time this week.  Mostly, the streetcars are used by tourists; they are rather slow for actual commuting.  I had to make a round trip to get my hair cut and I didn’t want to move my car, or jostle for parking downtown for an errand.  So I decided to ride the “Rapid Transit” that is offered here.  As the streetcar cruised by the Promenade across from Jackson Square, I took this shot of a Brass Band busking.  Seems like it is not such a popular spot, so maybe they are just rehearsing.